Mary Modern San Francisco Cannabis Delivery

Mary Modern San Francisco Cannabis Delivery

Discover Excellence with Mary Modern’s Cannabis Delivery in San Francisco

Convenience meets luxury in the heart of San Francisco with Mary Modern’s premium cannabis delivery service. We cater to cannabis enthusiasts and newcomers alike. Our seamless delivery experience brings the finest products right to your doorstep. Discover how our commitment to quality, discretion, and personalized service sets us apart in San Francisco’s cannabis delivery landscape.

The Mary Modern Difference

At Mary Modern, we believe in setting new standards for cannabis delivery. Our curated selection of products ensures that every strain, edible, and accessory meets the highest quality standards. When you choose Mary Modern, you choose an experience tailored to your preferences, delivered with discretion and professionalism.

Navigating Our Extensive Menu

Navigating our menu is a journey in itself. From premium strains sourced from trusted growers to artisanal edibles crafted with precision, each product reflects our commitment to excellence. Explore a world of options, each designed to cater to a diversity of tastes and preferences.

Seamless Ordering Process

Placing an order with Mary Modern is as easy as the click of a button. In addition, our user-friendly website allows you to browse, select, and customize your order with confidence. Need guidance? Our knowledgeable staff is just a phone call away, ready to assist you with any questions or recommendations you seek.

Discreet and Secure Delivery

Your privacy is our priority. Our discreet delivery process ensures that your order arrives safely and without drawing unnecessary attention. Our professional drivers are trained to handle each delivery with care, providing a seamless experience from start to finish.

Elevating Your Cannabis Experience

More than just a delivery service, Mary Modern is a gateway to an elevated cannabis experience. From educational resources to personalized recommendations, we’re committed to empowering our customers with knowledge and choices that suit all preferences.

Ready to Dive In?

Experience cannabis delivery redefined with Mary Modern. Mary Modern Cannabis Delivery in San Francisco provides quality, convenience, and personalized service. Please join us in this journey towards an elevated cannabis lifestyle – place your order today and discover the Mary Modern difference!

Nature’s High: Elevate Your Outdoor Adventures

Nature’s High: Elevate Your Outdoor Adventures

Amplify your appreciation for the outdoors and the natural high of camping by incorporating cannabis into your adventures. There’s a natural intersection between hiking and consuming cannabis  – both activities aid in the relaxation of the mind and help us connect to the beauty of the universe. Consuming cannabis while camping or hiking can enhance your sense of joy and strengthen the synergy you feel between nature and your inner-peace when consumed responsibly with the right products and accessories.

We’ve put together a list of our favorite ways to consume while hiking or camping, along with our top products for each category. Not planning in advance for factors such as portability, discretion, and ease of use can turn consumption on-the-go into a chore. Check out our recommendations to ensure the smoothest ease of use on your next excursion:

1. Pre-rolled joints: Convenient and ready-to-go, prerolls are perfect for hassle-free consumption in the outdoors. There’s no better feeling than reaching your destination and relaxing with friends as you pass around a pre-roll tailored to the exact kind of high you want. Be sure to avoid smoking flower at state parks, during fire season or in high-risk fire areas if you plan on bringing prerolls. If you are, see some alternative options listed below!

Mary’s Top Pick: Weekenders

Start your day, take a break, or relax before hitting your tent for bed with Weekenders. Choose between Play, Chill, Dream or Lift packs of seven. Each option ranges in potency from 9%-29% THC, so you can tailor your choice depending on how elevated you’re looking to get. And we didn’t think the view could get any better, either! 

2. Edibles: Explore options like gummies, sodas, mints, and capsues for a more discreet, fire averse, and perfectly dosed experience. If you’re just doing a day trip and have access to coolers, sodas are one of our favorite options; refreshing, tasty, and a great way to cool down. Taking a longer journey and tight on space? Try mints, gummies or capsules that don’t need to be chilled, are small and portable, and are the perfect treat to have mid-journey with a sugar boost. There are plenty of fast-acting formulas to give you the near instant effects you get from smoking

Mary’s Top Pick: Artet Infused Mixed Drinks

Nobody likes waking up hungover, especially with a full day of physical activity ahead. Infused beverages are the perfect way to sip and socialize while getting the relaxing, euphoric effects a glass of wine or cocktail would provide. Each can is 5mg THC/CBD for the perfect dose, and the small 8oz can is the perfect fit to squeeze in your backpack or cooler.

3. Vape Pens:  Enjoy the ritual of smoking, but in a high-risk fire area or in a more crowded park where you need to be discreet around others? Vape pens are the answer. Highly portable, no obvious cannabis smells, and no litter generated that you will have to carry around. Also, vaping more concentrated doses of THC or CBD means less impact on your lungs, boosting your respiratory health for an easier time as you engage in more strenuous outdoor activity. 

Mary’s Top Pick: Jetty Extracts

Sometimes it’s important to go easy on your lungs, especially if you’re active. Vaping is about quality over quantity – you only need a puff or two to achieve the same effects of smoking traditional flower. Some of our favorite vape cartridges are from Jetty –  each purified, super-potent cartridge packs a punch with a distinct high from legendary strains you can pair with whatever headspace you seek to enter.

4. Tinctures & Topicals: Tinctures are an incredibly versatile option where you can control your exact dosage and experience the effects rapidly when sublingually administered. Topicals are also a great choice if you wish to skip the psychoactive effects of THC but still want to reap the benefits for pain management. We love the variety of herbal infusions with added medicinal benefits incorporated into many formulas. Tailor your product choice to your exact needs, whether it’s a boost in the morning, mid-day ache and pain relief, or a wave of calm as you get ready to go to sleep. 

Mary’s Top Pick: Care By Design

Care By Design is rooted in science and formulated with the highest quality CBD and a full spectrum of major and minor cannabinoids, terpenes, and enough THC to amplify your wellness. Relax your mind and body while soothing stress no matter what your experience level is.

5. Good Ol’ Fashioned Flower: Bringing your own flower camping can be a little bit of a hassle due to all of the preparation. Our philosophy is spend more time enjoying the view and less time grinding and rolling. Life hack: we recommend buying pre-ground flower, as bringing a grinder with you is added baggage and extra work you can avoid. A windy evening can make rolling your own joint nearly impossible, so we recommend bringing a compact pipe instead.

Mary’s Top Pick: Stone Road Pre-Ground Flower

Snag a half oz of Stone Road’s 100% natural pre-ground flower. The luxury of having half the work cut out for you is truly priceless, not to mention Stone Road’s flower comes from biodynamic, organic farming so you can treat yourself to some of the best quality, natural flower on the market that’s good for you and the earth. 

Mary’s Top Pick: Le Pipe by House of Puff

Le Pipe is House of Puff’s signature ceramic one-hitter. It’s small, compact, and oh so cute. It’s chic, discreet, and easy to pack your flower into. Need we say more? Work smarter, not harder! 

Ready to learn more? Shop the whole menu and browse our boutique curation of the highest quality brands, products, and accessories in San Francisco. Have questions or unsure about which products are right for you? Drop into the store to talk with our expert staff, we are open 12pm-8pm Tuesday-Sunday! Make sure you subscribe to our loyalty program so you can stay up to date on our weekly promos & deals, and get points with every purchase!

Mary’s Must Haves: Holiday Gift Guide

Mary’s Must Haves: Holiday Gift Guide

Mary’s Must Haves: Holiday Gift Guide

collage of all holiday gift products

By this time, we are all in the thick of holiday craze and are looking for something special for our loved ones (or maybe even ourselves!) We’ve put together a list of awesome products we’ve have had our eyes on that we know the modern cannabis lover will appreciate. Check out our top 10 holiday gift recommendations below!

Ally Lockable Storage Box

For The New Parents

Ally Lockable Storage Box – $85

A simple lockable storage solution featuring a personalized three digit code. A great option for those looking to keep curious hands away from their adult goodies, this chic box is available in three cool colors and looks great on a shelf.

Get It Here >>

Yew Yew Sunset Bong

For The Purist

Yew Yew Sunset Bong – $140

This glass masterpiece puts a show stopping modern twist on the classic bong and is great for the friend who loves smoking flower! This unique piece looks beautiful and hits like a dream. Available in teal and amber variations.

Get It Here >>

A Weed Is A Flower

For The Photographer

A Weed Is A Flower Photo Book – $40

A look at the beauty of the cannabis plant through over 25 photographer’s lenses, collected by the pages of Broccoli Magazine. This beautiful book makes the perfect coffee table statement for the cannabis lover.

Get It Here >>

Pot Plant Faux Cannabis

For The Plant Lover

Pot Plant Faux Cannabis – $45

Everyone loves a good house plant, but not everyone has a green thumb. This one is quite the convo starter and looks beautiful in your home, plus you can’t kill it!

Get It Here >>

House of Puff Rolling Papers

For The Color Lover

House Of Puff Rolling Papers – $18

We love these bright hemp rolling papers by House of Puff and Paula Flores! They make a perfect stocking stuffer and are sure to bring a smile to any smokers face.

Get It Here >>

Jane Parade Creative Stoner Sweats

For The Work-From-Home Crowd

Jane Parade “Creative Stoner” Sweatpants – $55

Everyone seems to be working from home these days and blazer on top, cozy sweats on bottom is our go-to. These forest green ones are a comfy and cool option for those not back in the office just yet! 

Get It Here >>

Fashion Kush Water Bottle

For The Health Nut

Fashion Kush Angel Number Bottle – $24

Hydrate and stay high with this cute cosmic water bottle. The 333 angel number represents the creation of energy and is a sign to connect with your highest self. 

Get It Here >>

Edie Parker Lil Edie Bag

For The Gal That Has It All

Edie Parker “Lil Edie” Bag – $395

Now this one is a splurge for sure, but for the friend or relative that has it all – we know she doesn’t have this gem. Perfect for her cards, keys and pre-rolls of course! 

Get It Here >>

Houseplant Car Lighter

For Him

Houseplant Car Lighter – $280

From the genius that is Seth Rogen, this old school car-style lighter is stunning in a gorgeous block of marble. Perfect for the guy in your life that lights up.

Get It Here >>

Boy Smells Cashmere Kush

For The Canna-Curious

Boy Smells Cashmere Kush Candle – $34

Made from coconut and beeswax blend this candle features notes of cannabis, wood, white amber, tulip and musk. Experinece the luxurious scent that anyone can love.

Get It Here >>