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Monday 5/22Munchie Mondays Wyld B2GO For $1
Tuesday 5/23 – 20% off Biko
Wednesday 5/24 – 20% off CBD, CBN, CBG products
Thursday 5/25 – Thirsty Thursday’s Wunder BOGO for $1
Friday 5/26Canndscent BOGO Pre-roll For $1
Saturday 5/2720% off CAM
Sunday 5/2820% off Weekenders
FLASH SALE30% off Rose Delights Singles & The Bohemian Chemist Pre-roll BOGO Gram for $1

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Top 6 Reasons to Pair Yoga with Weed

Top 6 Reasons to Pair Yoga with Weed

Whether you’re new to cannabis or not, you’ve likely heard of “stoned yoga”, where cannabis use is encouraged as a twist on your run-of-the-mill yoga class. But, have you wondered why cannabis is a fantastic addition to your yoga practice? We have the answers…

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Top SF Brunch Spots

Top SF Brunch Spots

It’s no secret that cannabis lovers can eat. We’ve seen media and gifs highlight the appetite-stimulating side-effects of weed for decades… which is why we’ve decided to share a roundup of San Francisco brunch spots that are simply to live for. Whether you’re a bougie stoner or traditional foodie…

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The Mary Modern Gift Guide

The Mary Modern Gift Guide

Looking for that perfect gift for your cannabis loving friend or maybe even for Mother’s Day this week? Mary Modern’s Gift Guide is here to show the way. Consider these fantastic edibles, flower, pre-rolls, vapes & more from these popular brands.

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What people are saying…

“My favorite dispensary in SF! The space is gorgeous. Everyone working is kind, attentive, and knowledgeable! They have a great selection that is easy to browse. Highly recommend.”

“Beautiful shop and great shopping experience. I love how the product displays are broken down into categories like Intimacy, Sky High, Zen, Health, Low Dose, then into different product types.”

Wow wow WOW what a location! This place is so posh yet approachable. Loved their selection of bath bombs and pre-rolls. Thank you to the ladies who were so attentive and sweet from start to finish.

The first of its kind…

Mary Modern is on a mission to create a cannabis boutique that caters to women and all allies. Our vision is a world in which everyone is empowered to choose their own path to wellness without fear or barriers, where they can gather, learn, and explore wellness products within their community. Mary Modern is creating a welcoming, safe, and inclusive space for those seeking a carefully curated cannabis experience.

The Mary Modern Difference

Quality Products

Supporting Women

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Our Mission

is to create a safe space where women and their allies can gather to learn, share, and explore quality cannabis products within their community.

Our Vision

is a world in which every person is empowered to choose their own path to wellness freely and without fear or barriers.

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We’re currently looking for professionals who are passionate about cannabis to fill positions at our Laurel Heights location in San Francisco, CA.